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Captain America Infinity War Cosplay Guide (More than Costume)

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Cap’s Costume has consistently evolved with his movies.  With each movie, our Cap gets a different wear and his latest movie Avengers Infinity War is no different.


At a glance, the IW costume looks more like his stealth suit in Captain America: The Winter Soldier but a closer look makes you realize that it is more like his original costume with the colors being muted.


It’s not just the costume which has changed. His looks also got some breath-taking changes and his beard has been the most-talked-about topic related to IW.


That’s why in this guide, we just don’t talk about costumes. We would be discussing a lot more of stuff than the costume.

Hang on with us and we will try to give you everything you need to cosplay like Cap…



Overview of the Captain America Costume Breakup




Costume Break-up:


                                                                                        Captain America IW Jacket




                                                                                                                               Product page


You’ll need a high-quality Infinity War jacket. The jacket worn by Chris Evans in Infinity War appears to be black in color but it’s actually a dark shade of blue and it appears to be faded. The suit also shows signs of wear and tear symbolizing Steve Rogers struggle over the entire period of time he has been Captain America helping make the world a better place. This jacket is an awesome replica of what Steve Rogers wore in the latest movie. It’s made up of Cordura fabric and comes with removable shoulder pads so that it’s more comfortable to you. The costume is also layered with rubber and EVA foam to give a more enhanced look.


                                                                                                                     Captain America IW Pants



                                                                                                                                   Product Page

To get that complete look which people would awe for, you need to team up your jacket with matching pants that have the same look as the ones worn by Steve Rogers in the movie. The pants have a very similar red pattern on the thigh area of the pant.




In all the previous movies, Cap has been wearing a helmet. However, in infinity war, the helmet was not a part of his costume. All the accessories which were part of his costume were a pair of gloves, harness, utility belt with pouches and you’ll also need a pair of boots as footwear.


                                                                                                                       Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 boots






                                                                                                                                                    Boot covers 





















Cap's shield in the movie has completely changed. 


After his emotional fight with Iron Man, Cap gave up his shield. However, he gets a  new shield from Black Panther and it is designed by her sister Shuri.


You can make a simple one for yourself by using EVA foam floor mat. This video from Odin Makes will help you to DIY....





However, if you would like to make it more functional and expandable this video from HackSmith would be helpful.





However, if you don't have much time for DIY, you can just get one from Amazon for under 40 bucks.






 Styling Chris Evans Infinity War Haircut





There were some major changes to Cap’s look in the latest movie. Not only he was seen sporting a beard but he also switched from his short hairstyle to a little longer one which is more of natural medium length haircut.


It’s a classic medium length swept-back hairstyle. It appears to be kept to around 5-6 inches on the top and sides. The hair is then shaped around the ears to give a nice clean push back look.


The simplest way to get this look is to show your barber a picture of this haircut. You may need to grow your hair a little longer to get that look. However, it’s still a good idea to ask your barber about how it would look on you with a little lesser hair length.


If you or your barber are not sure about how to get this look or you want to get it done without visiting the salon, maybe with your friend’s help, this video tutorial from The Salon Guy could help you a lot.




You will also need to get the front hair streaked with a golden shade to match the look. If you don’t have a naturally golden blonde hair, ask your barber to help you get the same shade.




Captain America Beard look from Avengers Infinity War


Captain America’s Beard in the movie took his fan’s breath away and was the most-talked-about topic after the release of the trailer.


Chris Evans has been seen sporting different types of beard over the past few years but this one from the movie was a little different one.






Following are a few tips to grow a beard like him:



  • The beard he has in the movie is a full beard with connected mustache. So, you too have to leave it connected to the mustaches if you want to get that same look.
  • Though he has a full beard in the movie, it is well trimmed with medium length. You got to ask your stylist to trim it to medium length leaving it connected with the mustaches. Also, the mustaches have to be left medium trimmed.
  • You may also have to work on your facial hair if you don’t have a crazy-thick beard like Cap in the movie. You could try some beard supplements which are rich in vitamins, niacin and biotin. It may help you achieve a thicker beard. You can also pamper your facial hair with beard oil. Beard serums are also a great option and they work specifically well in filling patches.
  • You could also use beard volumizing shampoo or spray on the day of your cosplaying event.
  • Apart from the above tips, small things like having a balanced diet, taking plenty of rest and avoiding stress are the first step towards growing good facial hair.
  • If you don’t have a natural golden blonde facial hair, you may need to streak it here and there. Ask your stylist to help you get that look.


That was all about the Captain America cosplay guide. Hope it will be helpful for your next cosplaying event. Do let us let know in the comment section below if you have any other questions and we would be happy to help.


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