You are all done with your cosplay. You’re ready in your costume with your prop in hand wearing make-up and may be even paint all over your body.


Well, the plans don’t get final execution here because there is another big challenge waiting and that’s a photo shoot.


Many of you might not have modeling experience and that’s why posing for your cosplay photo shoot might not always be the best bet for you.


That’s why we bring for you these tips to make your cosplay photography session a better experience at the end of which you have some cool poses in the pic.


1. Know your Character




The first tip is pretty obvious but people forget it at times. Knowing your character better will help you to choose poses wisely and which will suit your cosplay.


For example, someone cosplaying as Deadpool can pose as if he is wrecking Thanos or may you show-off a little bit of flash dance.


Similarly, someone cosplaying as Iron Man doesn’t to pose much because just a face with attitude would do the job there.


You got the point behind the above examples; you just need to pose just like the character you’re cosplaying would.


This would make the pictures look more natural and lively.


2. Stand correctly




Now, this one is a bit technical advice. Many people just hunch back during the shoot. You shouldn’t be doing that.


I know it’s the natural position but you gotta to avoid it and be mindful of your back and shoulders on photos.


Keep your muscles tense and always remind yourself to keep your back straight.


Some soft feminine characters can have a little bit of hunching but strong masculine characters should have their shoulders together and chest puffed up.



3. Tilt your Chin little




Double chin is a common error in photos. If you want to avoid the double-neck-chin illusion which happens with almost everybody, you need to tilt your chin a little bit. First, extend your chin forward and then pull it down a little bit. However, make sure you don’t pull it up too higher.


4. Move with your poses




Instead of doing a flat, boring pose, try to actually move in action for that pose.


Of course, you need to be still at the time of the click. What we are trying to convey here is that, instead of a simple, flat and monotonous gesture, try to actually do gesture in action and when you’re done, ask your photographer for the click.


This way, you’ll look in more lively and in action in the pics.



5. Don’t forget your costume




 Your costume is an important part of your cosplay, in fact, the most important part of your cosplay. Therefore, you gotta show it off a little. While it’s not possible to highlight the entire costume, you can exaggerate the best or your favorite part.


For example, pose slightly turned if you have awesome designs on your back, pose with a hand on your shoulder or reaching forward if you want to show off sleeve embroidery.


You can get more creative depending upon your costume.


6. Neither forget your props




Yeah, your costume is the most important part of your cosplay but it’s incomplete with the relevant props. That’s why make sure that you don’t ignore the props during the shoot.


It also shows that you are aware of the resemblance of that prop with that character which is important for cosplayers.


However, make sure that you don’t point your prop directly towards the camera. Same goes for limbs — anything pointed directly at the lens will become a dot and anything behind it is lost completely. 


Instead, you can turn the prop towards the side otherwise the prop can become really short and the whole silhouette is destroyed.



7. Right pose is important for group cosplay too




You don’t always shoot solo. Sometimes, it’s a group thing and you need group photos. Standing straight in a line won’t be much happening.


Instead try to replicate something which resonates with that character group. A quick tip for this would be replicating any popular scene from the movie/show. This will not only help you and your guys for the pose but the viewers will also be able to resonate with that pic.


8. Don’t forget the triangle




Photos are always best shot in triangles. That’s common advice but it’s true.


Triangles always look good, but also keep in mind that it has to look like a triangle to the eye of the lens. Don’t point your elbows or knees towards the camera; tilt them to the side instead to form a triangle.


Different types of triangles can be done depending on your body shape, mood or character you’re trying to portray. You just need to experiment a little and get creative about it. Your photographer can also help you… Just ask him/her which triangle they think would look  best.




9. Do a little bit of experimenting




 By experimenting, we don’t mean that you need to do on the shoot. Of course, your photographer would be pissed off with that.


Instead, when you are ready with your entire cosplay and you have just a few days before the shoot, you can start experimenting different poses.


Your mirror will be your best friend. However, make sure that you don’t do in front of your kids or your siblings. You don’t want to be laughed at and thus left demotivated.


Instead, lock your room and do it when you are alone. You’ll figure out a few cool poses and you can also add them to your notepad for reference.


10. Carry references





It’s always better to carry along references and fan art to your shoot on your phone or iPod. If you’re nervous and stuck with ideas on the shoot, they're great character reference on the fly. It'll also help your photographer understand what you’re up to.


11. Be patient


Photo shoots can be boring, time-taking and just terrible. You need to be patient during the sessions. Getting pissed off only makes things worse.


Remember your photographer is working as hard as you’re. Be patient and he’ll be able to get the best clicks sooner.


12. Have Fun




If you are relaxed, the entire process of the photo shoot can go smooth and easy. It’ll be easier for you and for your photographer too. On the contrary, if you are stressed or tensed, things may not work out.


Even if you’re able to get some cool shots, you won’t be able to enjoy the photo session and it would seem some sort of burden.


Instead, be happy and enjoy your photo shoot. Try to chat, laugh and giggle and you would know how much fun even a cosplay photo shoot can be.


Final Word


All the tips above are meant to help you pose better for your cosplay photos. Some of the tips are technical and have more to do with basics of photography.


Some tips, on the other hand, are psychological and meant to boost your confidence and spirit.


If you feel the above tips can help any of your fellow cosplayers, don’t forget to share this blog post.


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