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Cosplay is fun and so are conventions. In general, most of the people at the cons are just awesome and you may even make some great friends there.


However, some creepers too attend these cons trying to get some opportunity out of the crowd. We don’t want to scare you off from attending cons and even the convention management takes your safety very seriously.


That’s why it’s better to be prepared to keep yourself safe and return back with only good memories.


A quick note here: By this blog post, we don’t mean that it’s only  the responsibility of the victim to keep themselves safe. Rather, this post is for awareness so that every cosplayer who attends cons knows what to do if any unwanted situation arises.


These tips should be applied only when it’s workable otherwise you may end up creating a fuss unnecessarily. So, assess the situation and implement these tips only when genuinely needed.



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  1. You need not honor every photo request

People cosplay for different reasons and may be you cosplayed as Velma just because all your other friends were cosplaying as the Scooby Doo squad. And that’s why you needn’t honor every photo request. Attending a con in a costume doesn’t mean you have to take snaps with unknown people whole day.


If you don’t want to let people have a pic of you, that’s perfectly fine. You can say “Sorry” or “No Thanks” and if their creepy behaviour still persists you can just walk out saying that you have a mystery to solve with your squad.


Even if you agree to pics, you have full rights to ask what the pics will be used for such as personal collection or professional use. If you don’t find a solid answer, again no need to honor the request.


2. Set limits for hands


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Just because you are cosplaying as a character, it doesn’t mean people get an exclusive right to touch you. Many a times, people try to touch cosplayers while posing for photographs.



They assume that permission for photographs also means permission for touching.


While some people may not have an issue with arms over shoulders/waist during photograph sessions, not everyone is comfortable with strange hands.



That’s why it’s important to set boundaries for hands. If you are not okay with it, you don’t have to let people touch you. You can just restrain them if they try to put their hands over your shoulder or waist or they try to come too close.


Or a better step would be to make it clear before posing for the photo with a simple statement like “ No hands please”.


And if they don’t honor your limits, you don’t need to honor their photo request. You can simply walk out from there.


3. Never go to an isolated place with someone strange or someone you don’t trust


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If someone unknown or untrustworthy asks you to come along to an isolated place at the con, never honor their request.


This happens at cons when someone unknown asks cosplayers to accompany them to an isolated place for some reason.


And later, if you go along with them, they make take advantage of the isolation to harass you.


Sometimes, these people may ask you to come along with them because they need your help.


It could be a pre-planned excuse for taking you to that place.


If you feel that they really need help, you can ask them to go to the convention staffs for aid or take a friend along with you but never go alone.


4. Be aware of your costume choice


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It’s completely okay to cosplay as whatever character you would love to.


If you are a female you could cosplay as a disney princess in a princess gown. On the other hand, if you are a male, you could cosplay as a superhero in a superhero suit.


On the contrary, you could even go for a  genderbent cosplay and no one should have any issues with what costume you are wearing regardless of your gender. However, you need to understand that at times your costume choices will garner extra attention especially if you are wearing something which is considered revealing.



People will stare, people will comment and try to do things which can make you uncomfortable. Now, it totally depends on you whether you want to go for such a costume. If you feel that you can resist all those unwanted elements out there, kudos to you…


However, if you feel that your costume choice can put you in situations which can make you uncomfortable, then you can rethink about your costume choice. We are not saying that you shouldn’t do it but rather we are urging you to rethink about your costume choice so that later you don’t have to spend time in trauma and stress.


You could take a little time and decide if you would be able to take up all the challenges with that costume. If you feel you can, just listen to your heart and ignore all that muck out there.


5. Watch out for requests




Conventions are fun but can also be exhausting. And in a fit of exhaustion and fatigue, you may at times not properly evaluate the requests you get. You may get a request for the snap of the back of your costume and you just approved that request only realising later that you didn’t want to...


That’s why it’s important to stay focused. If you feel fatigued, take a break , have a little water or energy bar and sit down somewhere to relax.


After you feel you are ready to go on your adventure, you acn start on your way and crush all those creepers ahead.


6. Be in-charge of your pose and imagery


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People may bombard you with different pose request during photo-sessions and it can be exhausting. You are a human being, not someone’s object of instructions. You need not honor every pose request. People will ask you to do something “funny” or may be something “sexy” but if you are not okay with it, there’s no need to listen to them.


It’s important to have some good poses for the photographs, so why not pick up your poses beforehand and be in-charge of your imagery.


7. Have a buddy along with you


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Having a buddy on duty for you could be one of the best experiences. You can chitter- chatter with your buddy while he/she acts as a shield blocking free camera view from here and there. They can also help you manage your costume if it is something which needs assistance.


And lastly, your buddy can even speak for you when you reject creepy requests but the creepers still stick around and you are in no mood to argue with them.


8. Cosplay in a group


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Many creepers try to target cosplayers who are attending the con alone. They know that being single, you have no one for quick help.


Staying around with friends and family is not only safe but also lots of fun. And creepers would surely stay away from your squad.


9. Don’t be afraid to create a scene


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If anything creepy happens with you and you realise it only after it has already happened, don’t remain silent.


Instead create a scene at the spot and gather people for help. This can be a bit difficult especially if you are more of a reserved kind of person.


However, creating a scene then and there will not let that creeper escape from there. The moment you shout, people will start gathering and will try to catch hold of him/her. This way the creeper can’t escape the spot and action can be taken against them then and there.


10. Report any incident to convention staffs ASAP


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A lot of cosplayers at the cons hesitate to report an unpleasant experience to the con staffs. We understand you may not be comfortable with sharing that bad experience pr you may not be sure if any action would be taken.


Most conventions are very serious about safety. If you report the incident, there are very high chances of action being taken. Even if the security staff doesn’t pay much heed to your complaint, you can go and report the matter to the higher authorities.



However, in general, the convention staffs are also very well concerned about your safety and they do respond well.


We would urge you to report any form of harassment as soon as it take place.



The reason is that if you don’t report it right there, the harasser will gain more courage and then he or she will target other cosplayers like you.



So, for the sake of your safety and that of all other fellow cosplayers, make it a habit of reporting any form of harassment ASAP.


If everyone starts reporting , overtime we may see a drastic reduction in such incidents.


Final Word


We strongly urge you to take your safety as a priority while cosplaying. We know you don’t want to hurt people by being rude but you are a human being first and your safety and comfort is equally important. So, don’t be afraid to take action when needed.  


And if you feel any of the tips above can help you or any other fellow cosplayer, do comment below and share this post so that it can help other cosplayers like you.