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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Like many other companies, we have made this FAQ page so we can give you answers to all your questions you are trying to find quickly. We can assure you that all these answers are legitimate and are supported to provide you help to our beloved customers. We urge all our readers just to read the FAQs for once as this information is valuable and may make all your doubts in your mind about our website. We believe that we wanted to address and discuss some issues that most readers have in their mind, and our online audience gets to know our expertise and experience in so many ways.

Here are some of the questions we believe you deserve to know the answers including,

1) How can I contact about products?

You can just contact us on our E-mail address and post your questions

2) How much will it cost me per jacket?

We have made all the costs of our leather items at a very reasonable price all of them are listed above $100 and will cost you for $150 or more depending on the quality you desire

3) Which type categories we offer in leather fashion?

We have searched the market very carefully and offer some of the outstanding categories in leather that will certainly worth to buy from biker jacket to casual wear too short jackets and other textile brands

4) Is our website is legit?

Yes, we have made this website with the best possible and serving for almost more than five years in the field.

5) Are we experts in leather clothing?

Yes, we are the manufacturers of making high-quality leather clothing and always post latest fashion trend that targets the young audience

6) What benefits you will get from buying from our website?

Our primary concern is to satisfy our customers so that they indeed come to us again; you will get reliable rates and top class materials in clothing

7) Can you cancel your order or ask for an exchange?

You can easily cancel your given order or can exchange but in a limited way. We will ask you about the order in 3 days to reconfirm your purchasing

8) How long will it take the order to be delivered to your place?

We are committed to delivering the best customer care, and we approximately take 6 or 7 days to deliver your order at your given place

9) What happen if our products get damaged?

If mistakenly you received any damaged or unfinished piece then you can contact our customer support and deliver back us the piece, and we will make your new one in return with no extra charges to pay

10) What is the perfect method of paying payment?

We always want to give freedom to our customers, if you are our permanent member and want to purchase our merchandises and accessories, then you have to pay via debit card online (Master Card and VISA) are acceptable

11) How many varieties we offer?

We have particularly keep in mind of the users need and offer tons of varieties from superhero merchandises, COSPLAY dresses and much more