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Terms and conditions

By accepting our terms and conditions you have made it clear that you are want to become the part of all rights are reserved to the right owner of this website. All the leather products you have seen listed are entirely genuine and manufactured with excellent quality. Our website is licensed by the international law and will make changes anytime we want without giving any notification.

Our terms are pretty simple as a reader and buyer you have to make sure the all the posted leather products you seen you do not take any false advantage and post at any of them to another website. As publishers, we have made a perfect place for you to come and join our fashion community to give us feedback about how we can make it better.

The information and prices we have listed about every male and female leather style are legal, and we will continue to expand it in coming months. We urge all our readers and members to obey our rules and regulations because we believe providing the best customer services for the young youth who is into fashion.

We would like you to read our terms and conditions page before you decide to join it and become a permanent member of it because in that way you clearly show us your love and passion that we desire and deliver most affordable and reliable leather materials specifically for you.

If you require any question or any have any doubts in your mind, please feel free to contact us and we will be certainly more than happy to reply you back. After all customer care is paramount where terms are legally bound to develop a never ending bond between members. For that being said kindly check this one before you enter our website.