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Return or Exchange Policy

Return or Exchange Policy

We certainly do offer return and exchange policy for our buyers from all over the world. You can order any of leather merchandise you like for bike riding or for fashion statement you will get tons of variety here and in some way you don’t like it you can return it immediately if you want to exchange it you can get a new one if there is any kind of material problem occurred. Or you want just to return it then you can have all your money refund right away.

We just want to make our readers remember that we want to develop long-term relations, and customer satisfaction is our priority no matter what. The rates we have posted with each item is very reliable and affordable you won't find that many prices with high-quality textile finishing and more than 200+ different leather jackets.

If you are someone who is the fan of superhero, then you can also get some of them here that will blow your mind. We are committed to our work by providing the never ending services. You can anytime contact us by E-mail about you want to exchange it or return it we respect your decision and make sure to grow even better.

The great thing for you to be making an account and order from your account and you can see the transaction and order history together. The next generation of leather fashion is here to serve you with excellent quality.
You can also exchange your order if there is any doubt about ordering the wrong sizes and contact our customer support for further information.

*But the thing you have to remember is that the order cancellation is around for three days or if you get late then 30% will get deducted from your amount.