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01 Dec Beginner's guide to cosplay foam - Updated 2020
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Beginner’s guide to cosplay foamSo, you've ventured into the exciting world of cosplay and are figuring out different ways to craft your cosplay.And there's one thing called cosplay foam which you must have heard about recently from fella cosplayers.Well, in this post we will answer the questions related to foam and cosplay, at least those which yo..
17 Nov 10 Popular DC Cosplay Character Ideas
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1. Harley QuinnHarley Quinn is one of the most popular cosplay characters. It's equally popular on the web and social media and you can find tons of photos of cosplayers posing as Quinn dressed in her psychomaniac fashion on different social media sites and cosplay websites/forums.However, this character is mostly famous among women cosplayers and ..
13 Oct Halloween cosplay and costume party celebrations amid Covid-19: In sync with CDC guidelines
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Halloween cosplay and costume party celebrations amid Covid-19: In sync with CDC guidelinesHalloween is one of the most celebrated festivities across the globe especially in the U.S. As the day of Halloween nears, many of you might be thinking whether to celebrate it or not. Some of you may even be gearing up for the celebrations.Although a small g..
22 Sep 10 Most Insane Cosplay Armour Buildup on Instagram
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We know as cosplayers you all are fans of armors. Cosplay armors donned by coolest characters with integrate detailing to inspire your upcoming cosplans and appreciate the hard work by these awesome cosplayers cum creators. That’s why in this post, we have brought some awesomely insane cosplay armor buildups for you to get awes and inspired.1. Nami..
02 Sep Captain Marvel Cosplay - 10 Instagram cosplayers to follow
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11 of the fiercest captain marvel cosplay to follow on InstagramThe Captain Marvel movie already took the fan’s breath away and the appearance of Danvers only added to the intensity of the thrill and excitement.Since the release of the movie, Captain Marvel has been one of the most popular cosplays from Marvel. The appearance of Carol Danvers in th..
14 Apr Cosplay Materials and Supplies - An Elementary Guide
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    Some of your cosplays can be easy and quick to do while some may need huge build-up. And you might be overwhelmed with all those Armor build-up showcased on Instagram. Props like swords and axes painted in acrylic, are also a charm.   Now, you must be wondering how on earth do people create such fabulous cosplays parts and pieces which ..
31 Mar 12 Practical Posing Tips for your Cosplay Photos
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     You are all done with your cosplay. You’re ready in your costume with your prop in hand wearing make-up and may be even paint all over your body.   Well, the plans don’t get final execution here because there is another big challenge waiting and that’s a photo shoot.   Many of you might not have modeling experience and that’s why posing ..
24 Mar Cosplay Safety: Everything you need to know
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                                                                Image source: Straitstimes     Cosplay is fun and so are conventions. In general, most of the people at the cons are just awesome and you may even make some great friends there.   However, some creepers too attend these cons trying to get some opportunity out of the crowd. We d..
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