We know as cosplayers you all are fans of armors. Cosplay armors donned by coolest characters with integrate detailing to inspire your upcoming cosplans and appreciate the hard work by these awesome cosplayers cum creators.

 That’s why in this post, we have brought some awesomely insane cosplay armor buildups for you to get awes and inspired.

1. Nami by  Inaste_tears

Inaste is an exceptionally skilled cosplay armor builder. Her IG profile is full of awesome cosplay armors which she mostly creates using worbla and foam.

2. arborealkey

Clementine "Clem" Gelly is the talented artist from France behind this page.

She is not only a professional costume artist but also a prop maker based in Cannes,France.

All her work have great finishing and detail and she can make almost anything from a small hand prop to intricate chest armor like this one:

She also makes videos on YouTube on how to cosplay armors and props. She has about 3.1K subscribers there, not as much as her IG page with a whopping 45.4K followers. You gotta check her YouTube too and subscribe her there too because she is really doing insane stuff there and she deserves the following.

3. Schilwand

Veronika is a cosplayer from Bavaria, Germany and she is not just a cosplayer but also a prop builder. She makes different kinds of cosplay stuff but her most artistic are her awesome cosplay armors, not just armors but bulky armors as she says in this awesome selfie post,

" But man, I have to say that I love making bulky armor ._. and wearing it…

She mostly works with eva foam and worbla and you can't imagine what she ends up creating. Check her IG profile @schilwand to get awed by more of her work and do follow her for some crazy Armor inspiration.

4. armored_cosplay_alliance

Though it is not a personal account of a cosplayer/Armor builder, you can find a variety of amazing cosplay armors, props and cosplay photographers featured on this Instagram account.

You can find armors done by an amatuer to the most professional in this line. Even if you have made an Armor or prop yourself as a beginner and are looking for some traction on IG, you can DM them for getting featured. They have a total of 7,497 followers at the time when this blogpost was being written, so that's a decent number to getting started with.

5. Cheeky Cheetah Creations

There are just no words to express appreciation of her hard work especially on her Queen Valkerie cosplay. Although, we're talking about armors here, but her entire Queen Valkerie costume is much more than armor and in plain words, it's just magnificent.

She does many more cosplay stuff and you can follow her for ideas and inspirations.

6. altf4cosplay

Stephanie is the cosplayer and artist behind this awesome cosplay page on IG.

She is from Melbourne Australia but her work is so commendable that she has had entries in World cosplay championships. Although almost all of her work is a masterpiece, her recent cosplay armor build of the Pheonix from Godfall is the showstopper.

7. cosplay_guardian

Cosplay_guardian is a rising star on Instagram but his work is no less than an influencer on IG.

He is mostly a gamercosplay and does extraordinary gaming Armor buildup.

His Batman Armor build from the Lineage 2 Revolution game is nothing but a piece of magnificence.

Check out his work @cosplay_guardian on IG and follow him to motivate for his awesome work.

8. shawshank.props

shawshank.props is a Caribbean cosplayer who lives in Los Angeles, CA. He aspires to be a bodybuilder who is also keen on promoting acceptance for one and all. You can see his rhetoric of "promoting acceptance" in many of his IG posts.

His black panther Armor as well as entire costume is just amazing. May Chadwick Boseman R.I.P (after all he is the one who led this character to perfection)

Shawshank.props got lots of appreciation and coverage for this build. He was also featured on the cover of the Cosplay Culture Magazine as Black Panther in Feb 2018.

9. Megal Carmen

Megal is a 25 years cosplayer from Russia. She is not only a cosplayer but also a gamer and geek.

Apart from that she also runs an Etsy shop where she sells cosplay props and stuff.

All of her cosplay armor stuff is awesome but this one of the sylvanas is particularly outstanding.

10. armoredheartcosplay

And at no. 10, it's no one other than armoredheartcosplay. 

Kirstin is the genius behind the armoredheartcosplay and she is one of the most famous cosplayers on social media particularly IG.

She is from LA and participates as honored guests at different cosplay events.

Though she cosplays all types of characters, she is particularly known for her cosplay armors because of the detail and depth she puts in their creation.

This one as Battle ELSA is just insane and her facial expression adds to perfection.

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