1. Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn is one of the most popular cosplay characters. It's equally popular on the web and social media and you can find tons of photos of cosplayers posing as Quinn dressed in her psychomaniac fashion on different social media sites and cosplay websites/forums.

    However, this character is mostly famous among women cosplayers and they also love to pair it with their joker cosplay partners.

    To cosplay as Harley Quinn, you don’t need much fancy cosplay stuff. You would need the famous Lil Monster shirt and the Satin Red and Blue Quinn jacket as top wear. Pair them with the red and blue shorts and a fishnet panty hose. 

    Apart from that, you would need Harley Quinn’s cosplay belt and boots, the replica of which would be easily available through any cosplay accessories seller.

    Coming to face and hair, it’s not too complicated. You would need to just style your hair like Harley’s with red and blue ribbons. If you’re blonde, you just need to color them with neon chalk or else you can easily get a wig from any cosplay wig seller. 

    Face can be easily made up using your make-up kit and a few youtube videos.

    There are other versions too of this maniac DC girl which can be easily replicated by just choosing the right costumes and accessories. The hair and face generally remains the same and won’t need much changes.

    Some of the awesome Harley quinn cosplayers for your reference are here: