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14 Apr Cosplay Materials and Supplies - An Elementary Guide
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    Some of your cosplays can be easy and quick to do while some may need huge build-up. And you might be overwhelmed with all those Armor build-up showcased on Instagram. Props like swords and axes painted in acrylic, are also a charm.   Now, you must be wondering how on earth do people create such fabulous cosplays parts and pieces which ..
31 Mar 12 Practical Posing Tips for your Cosplay Photos
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     You are all done with your cosplay. You’re ready in your costume with your prop in hand wearing make-up and may be even paint all over your body.   Well, the plans don’t get final execution here because there is another big challenge waiting and that’s a photo shoot.   Many of you might not have modeling experience and that’s why posing ..
17 Mar How to earn from cosplay in 2019
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  You have already delved into the weird yet fascinating world of cosplay and you love cosplaying. You put in a lot of effort on everything from costumes to wigs to makeup to even photography.     It’s fun sometimes and sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming. But what if you could earn a living from it??     There are lots of professional cos..
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