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17 Mar How to earn from cosplay in 2019
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  You have already delved into the weird yet fascinating world of cosplay and you love cosplaying. You put in a lot of effort on everything from costumes to wigs to makeup to even photography.     It’s fun sometimes and sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming. But what if you could earn a living from it??     There are lots of professional cos..
09 Aug Batman Arkham City Costume Cosplay Guide
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  Batman is one of those superheroes who are classical legends. Arguably, he is the most successful superhero ever with about 80 years of constant feature in action and animate TV shows and blockbuster films and even action video games!! Yeah, if you are a batman fan, you already know about it.   There are different versions of the Batman game..
02 Aug Bucky Barnes Civil War Cosplay Guide
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  How about a Bucky Costume Guide this time… Yeah why not! After all we have been writing Cap’s Costume Guide and Bucky is his best friend, so we can’t forget him.   Also, many of you might be looking to team up with your friend (who is cosplaying a Cap) and so you wanna be Bucky.   This is a cosplay guide for the costume worn by Bucky in Ci..
29 Jul How to Start Cosplaying - A Beginners Guide
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  How to start cosplaying?     So, you have been bitten by the bug and are overwhelmed by the discovery of this extra-ordinary art form known as cosplay. You have discovered almost everything about it like conventions, events, costume, wigs, props, etc. but you don’t know where to start off.     If that is the case with you, worry not!   ..
23 Jul Captain America Stealth Strike Cosplay Guide
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    So, you wanna cosplay as Captain America from the Winter Soldier movie in his famous stealth strike suit. Well, it'll require a bit of preparation on your part. For start, you already have the infographic above tfor an overview. Now, let's break the above guide into small digestible parts for your ease. Additionally, we'll also cover some o..
05 Jul Ant-Man Cosplay Costume Guide
04 Jul How to prepare for Anime Expo 2018 - Full Guide
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Anime expo is starting from tomorrow (5th   July, 2018) and will go on for 4 days...     It’s the 27th year of anime expo and lovers of anime, manga as well as cosplay will be gathering from all around the world.  Downtown in LA will be witnessing some serious crowd for the next 4 days…   If you are attending the anime expo tomorrow, you ..
12 Jun Sewing Cosplay Costume Made Easy - Top 10 tips for Beginners
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                                              Are you a newbie to cosplay but want to sew your own costume? Many cosplayers like to sew their own costume because it's not only fun but also very satisfying. If you are one among those cosplayers who like to DIY it, these tips will surely help you if you are new to stitching your own costume.   ..
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