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How to Start Cosplaying - A Beginners Guide

Posted by admin 29/07/2018 0 Comment(s)


How to start cosplaying?



So, you have been bitten by the bug and are overwhelmed by the discovery of this extra-ordinary art form known as cosplay. You have discovered almost everything about it like conventions, events, costume, wigs, props, etc. but you don’t know where to start off.



If that is the case with you, worry not!



In this guide we will cover all the basics of cosplaying which you need to know to start cosplaying.



Hang on with us for all the tips!




1. Decide an event to attend




The first step is to decide an event you want to cosplay for. This is important because when you have an event to attend/participate in, you’ll have to set goals for finishing up the preparations. You’ll also have to ideally set a deadline to accomplish those goals.  


This, way you will be more motivated and punctual when you have a goal and deadline to meet.



2. Choose a Character





Now, the next step is choosing the character to cosplay which seems pretty easy but is a very important step. Although there a gazillions of characters to choose for your cosplay, but at times you need to ask yourself some questions and also analyze your expectations from that particular cosplay.



You favorite character might not be very easy to cosplay. It might require more time, preparations as well as funds. You’ll have to ask yourself are you ready to put in that level of effort, time and resources or you want to start with something easier.


However, it’s recommended to cosplay as characters which you sometimes because you can actually live that character when you are passionate about it. But at times, it’s not possible due to external restraints. You’ll have to ponder upon these stuffs before choosing your character.


However, if you are really passionate about a particular character and are ready as well as capable to put in whatever is required, you can go ahead. So, choose your character a bit strategically.


3. Connect with cosplayers





Networking and socializing has tons of benefits in any space and it’s no different when it comes to cosplaying. If you are a beginner (or even a pro) connecting with others in the same niche, will help you a lot to hone this art. 


And today with the flourish of internet, you can connect with anyone or any cosplayer regardless of where on earth you are or they are. There is actually an entire community of cosplayers, encouraging, appreciating, and helping each other whether it’s on Instagram or Facebook. You can even find some online anime/cosplay groups in your local area.


This can be helpful at times of local convention because you already know quite a few people probably attending that convention. There are also a lot of dedicated forums where cosplayers of all level head to either showcase their work or get any advice. So, network with fellow cosplayers and it can be helpful in different ways.



4. Find teammates




Every cosplay generally has another character related to it either as friend, family or enemy or anyone else out there. It’s always good to cosplay in a group as you can almost all kinds of help, support and motivation from your teammates.


Additionally, if they are already into cosplay since long, you’ll also get to learn. It is also an awesome way to manage boredom and shyness while attending conventions. And it’s always fun to geek together rather geek alone.



5. Start working on your cosplay


                                                                                              image source : geekoutsw



Now, that you are done with all the indirect pre-requisites to start cosplaying, get into real action and start working on your cosplay. It includes everything from designing the costumes (if you are doing it yourself) to props to getting supplies as well as accessories to go with the cosplay.


It’s a different subject though, so might come up with a separate post on that topic. Some basic tips here if you would want to create your own costume/prop is that start with finding reference images. Make sure you get the images from different angles so that you can have all the details about the costume or prop.


Next, you can search online tutorials on that cosplay. YouTube is a great place to for that.  You can also try getting tips from other cosplayers as well on different forums and groups. You should get some practical answers there.



However, if you don’t want to make the costume yourself, you can either buy it online or get it commissioned. When you buy it online, you generally order a pre-made costume.


However, it’s important that you buy from a quality seller so that you get back value for your hard-earned money. You can also get it commissioned, wherein you generally place a custom order and work closely with the commissioner.


Similarly, you can either buy the prop or DIY it.


Now, next research on everything else needed such as accessories, footwear, body-paint and make-up.


It’s good to make a list of the supplies you’ll need so that you don’t miss anything essential.


Now, just make a list of to-do tasks and start working on cosplay!


Final Word


So, that was all about how to start cosplaying for today. It’s just a beginner’s guide and everything from costume to make-up can be again described in detail. We will be doing separate blog posts on all other important aspects in detail.


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Do let us know how you found the cosplay and do share it if you feel it can be useful to any other cosplayer.

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