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Captain America Stealth Strike Cosplay Guide

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So, you wanna cosplay as Captain America from the Winter Soldier movie in his famous stealth strike suit. Well, it'll require a bit of preparation on your part. For start, you already have the infographic above tfor an overview. Now, let's break the above guide into small digestible parts for your ease. Additionally, we'll also cover some other useful tips for a perfect cosplay. So, hang on!



First of all, you need the costume to dress up as Cap. The costume includes an upper garment which is the jacket and a lower garment which is the pants.








                                                                                           Product Page   



The jacket in the movie is a kevlar-style jacket to give a tough look yet a better flexibility for the high level of motion required by Captain America for his tasks. The jacket is in dark blue and has a wing-style detailing on the chest which is in silver stripes. There is also a silver-colored metal star studded on the chest. You can get the jacket with same looks here.






                                                                                       Product Page



The pants are also in dark blue. It has a different detailing than those in other movies.  If you want that ultimate look, you must pair these pants with the jacket. So, ditch those jeans or plain blue fabric trousers and pair the jacket with matching pants from the movie.









The next important thing after the costume is the helmet. Cap's has worn the helmet in most of the important scenes in the movie. So, you don't want to miss it for your cosplay. You can get it easily from Amazon or if you want to DIY it, you can check out a detailed video about the stealth suit.




















Next, you'll need the accessories which include the harness, gloves and utility belt. Again you can easily get it on ebay or Amazon or if you want it to custome made in high-quality letaher, you can get it done from us.














Lastly, to complete the look, you'll need a pair of boots and boot covers. You can get a Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 boot to go best with the look. You can get the boot covers custom made from us...



Now, some other tips for the cosplay:



You'll have to get a short hair-cut for this cosplay. You can either get it done by showing a pic of Cap from the movie to your barber. Or you can get it done by any of your friends who has some hands-off at barbership. This video from the Salon Guy would be helpful to get that hair-cut done.

Apart from the hair-cut, you'll also have to get your hair shaded in blonde (if you don't have natural blonde)... 



Cap has a clean-shave look in this movie. So, you would want to shave a night before your cosplay event to get that look. Just make sure you don't shave just a few hours before the event because you don't want to have a natural clean-shave look. On the contrary, shaving just a few hours before will highlight that area and people will easily make out that you have just shaved. So, do it a night or day before to have a more natural look.


Final Word:

That was all the resources and tips for Winter Soldier Cospaly in the stealth strike suit. We would love to know how useful did you find it. Alos, if you have any other tips for this cosplay, do share it here with us so that other aspiring cospayers can benefit from it. Ultimately, it's about contributing to the cosplay community....







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