How about a Bucky Costume Guide this time… Yeah why not! After all we have been writing Cap’s Costume Guide and Bucky is his best friend, so we can’t forget him.


Also, many of you might be looking to team up with your friend (who is cosplaying a Cap) and so you wanna be Bucky.


This is a cosplay guide for the costume worn by Bucky in Civil War.


Here’s a skimable infogrphic to your visual treat, but don’t forget to read the full guide…



So, as usual, we start with the main element of the cosplay: Costume


The costume has two parts:


1. Upper Garment or Jacket



                                                                                                                                                Product Page


The jacket worn by Bucky in Civil War is a bit different from what he wore in Winter Soldier is simply badass!! It symbolizes the rage he has as a captivated agent of Hydra. On the other hand, the Civil War costume is mellowed down may be to symbolize the good Bucky who recognizes Cap at the end and fights other Winter Soldiers.


If you want to show your friendship and loyalty to Cap, the Civil War version is most suitable. The bionic arm is still a part of the costume though.


And this jacket made by us has a silver-coloredsleeve with same stitched patterns to give that same look.


2. Pants



                                                                                                                                                 Product Page


As we always say, if you want that same ultimate look then ditch your fabric pants/jeans and you’re your jacket with matching pants as in the movie. Now, the pants have also changed in the Civil War version. The patterns on the pants have also been made a little subtle as compared to that in The Winter Soldier.


3. Gloves




The gloves are an extension of the vivid sleeves in Bucky’s costume. Both the hands have differently designed as well as colored gloves. You can get it online on Amazon or EBay.


4. Boots




To complete the look you gotta get black boots. A magnum Stealth 8.0 boot would be suitable for this cosplay. You can get it easily from their site or even from other sellers like Amazon.


5. Haircut


Firstly, you gotta grow your hair somewhere upto your shoulders. So, that after its cut, you get the perfect look. It’s basically a long hair-style with a middle parting. After you get the haircut done, you can just run your hands through your hair with some leave-in conditioner and just let it flow


back.We couldn’t find a source for the detailed tutorial for this hair-cut. So, just a handy tip here, show a Bucky’s pic to your barber.


6. Face and Makeup


The face has a more natural look. So, you can just apply concealer followed by light foundation base just to cover up patches and spots (if you have any, no offense intended).


However, you’ll have to work a bit on the moustache and beard. In the movie, Bucky has a very light moustache connected with a light beard. So, you won’t have a tough time replicating his looks if you don’t have natural thick facial hear.


So, those were handy tips to cosplay as Bucky. Do let us know how you found the tips and if they were helpful for cosplaying. We would love to know…