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Batman Arkham City Costume Cosplay Guide

Posted by admin 09/08/2018 0 Comment(s)


Batman is one of those superheroes who are classical legends. Arguably, he is the most successful superhero ever with about 80 years of constant feature in action and animate TV shows and blockbuster films and even action video games!! Yeah, if you are a batman fan, you already know about it.


There are different versions of the Batman game play and the Arkham City is one of the most popular of them. Actually, the clown from that game play is as popular as Batman. However, in today’s guide we will be exclusively covering a cosplay guide for Batman from the game play.


Before we begin, here is a visual representation of stuffs you’ll need for the cosplay. It’s a skimmable infographic for ease of reference.



Let’s go ahead and do a break-up of the infographic…


For this cosplay you’ll need:




As usual, the costume is the main component for the cosplay.

Start with grabbing the upper garment or the jackets. The jacket worn by Batman in the game play is a sporty charcoal-grey jacket with his classic logo on the chest.



                                                                                                                                                    Batman Jacket

Next, you gotta grab matching pants. The pants are also in grey color and have the same sporty look. It’s important that you pair the jacket with matching pants to give that same look. A pair of grey/black pants won’t do justice to the cosplay.



                                                                                                                                                   Batman Pants






The signature mask worn by Batman to cover his face during his adventures is the next thing you need after the costume. You can wear a foam mask or even a metal mask, all depends upon your preference. Also, you can either buy it or DIY it.


If you don’t have the time to invest in a DIY project, you can get your mask from Amazon or EBay. And if you are ready to put the heart and soul for a DIY mask, then YouTube is your best friend. There are many videos there for the mask from metal one to foam one. Watch quite a few of them and then go with what you find easy to do…


3. Cape




A batman without his cape… Sounds incomplete right? After his cape is his majesty.


As always Amazon or EBay if you don’t have the time but if you wish to DIY the there are many video tutorials on YouTube.


4. Gloves




Batman Gloves from the Arkham City have a killer look. They are in a similar grey shade as the costume but they have three additional spikes attached on the wrist area which makes them look so badass. You can easily find it on Amazon.


5. Utility belt




Batman also carries a utility belt as other superheroes do. However, his utility belt is as badass as his gloves because of the metallic shade in golden with intensive weathering. Again you can get it online but making it yourself won’t be much tough.


You can coat the utility belt you already have with golden acrylic paint. Let it dry and then you can weather it with some boot polish. You may need more coats of boot polish for that heavy-weathered look.


6. Footwear




Now, it’s time to complete the look with right footwear. Any pair of black boots should go with the look but if you manage to find a matching one from the game play, then good job! Pair it with matching boot covers and you are all good to go.


So, that’s all the stuff you need for your Batmania. Ah! There is one more thing left… Battitude!


Get it right and you’re all set for your cosplay.

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