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04 Jun Captain America Infinity War Cosplay Guide (More than Costume)
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        Cap’s Costume has consistently evolved with his movies.  With each movie, our Cap gets a different wear and his latest movie Avengers Infinity War is no different.   At a glance, the IW costume looks more like his stealth suit in Captain America: The Winter Soldier but a closer look makes you realize that it is more like his origina..
27 May Deadpool 2 Cosplay Guide (More than Costume)
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  Ultimate Deadpool Cosplay Guide (More than Costume)       Deadpool is not your favorite superhero…   But…   He is everyone’s favorite anti-hero. Deadpool already had his presence in the Marvel comics and was popularly known as the Merc with a Mouth. But he rose to the extraordinary fame with his first standalone movie Deadpool in 20..
09 May 2018 Cosplay Planner
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  We wanted to honor and contribute to the awesome community of cosplayers who are doing an outstanding job over the web.   That's why, we came up with a small token of appreciation to make cosplaying over the web easier and more organized for all our cosplay geeks.   We have designed a cosplay planner for 2018 which can be used to schedule ..
27 Apr Thanos’ Punch : Hits Overseas Box Office with a massive $39 M
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  The mega movie is already crushing records before it has been released worldwide.   The movie began screening in 21 international markets on Wednesday, 25th April 2018. While the movie is yet to be released in the U.S and worldwide, it has already surpassed records in those 21 markets with a whopping opening-day gross of $39 M according to t..
26 Apr 11 Characters most likely to die in Infinity war tomorrow
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  Fans have been speculating death of characters in Avengers Infinity war like crazy over the Internet. After all, it is Avengers Infinity War, and when it’s war everyone’s life is at stake.   Lots of theories are under hot discussion and everyone has their own opinion.   We too rolled our sleeves up to present you with some logic on who mig..
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