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2018 Cosplay Planner

Posted by admin 09/05/2018 2 Comment(s)


We wanted to honor and contribute to the awesome community of cosplayers who are doing an outstanding job over the web.


That's why, we came up with a small token of appreciation to make cosplaying over the web easier and more organized for all our cosplay geeks.


We have designed a cosplay planner for 2018 which can be used to schedule social sites, blogs and more.


Overall, it can just be used to make life easier…


It is a 26 pages planner which is completely customizable in handy PDF so that only the pages needed at the time can be printed.




It’s completely free for all the cosplayers… Plus, we don’t mind it being shared with the readers. You are free to publish it on your blog and give it as a free download to your readers. In case, we missed out to reach you with this planner, feel free to reach us for your free PDF copy.


What’s inside this planner?


A Title Page


A handy Calendar for 2018 with important Cosplay Dates – This is the best feature of the Cosplay Planner. It has a huge list of cosplay related dates along with geeky movie releases this year. We have also included a list of 10 biggest cosplay conventions worldwide with their star and end dates. Tons of dates on the list to plan your themed posts!




Yearly Goals –  A colorful PDF sheet to print and record your long-term goals for the year.


Monthly Goals – Another colorful PDF sheet to plan and track your goals on monthly or even weekly basis. Print it for as many months you need.


Month at a Glance – This sheet consists of columns with dates so that you can jot down your plan for each date. It’s kind of a more comprehensive monthly planner.  The column comes with the dates printed for the respective months.


Quarterly Review-Track your achievements over the last quarter. Note down the goals achieved/not achieved and then add some notes below to re-accomplish the unachieved goals. You could also modify your goals in the section. Print it as you need it every quarter.


Quick Content Ideas – A quick content idea list for times when you are short on geeky ideas. There is also a section below to jot down some of your own ideas when you need it during the period of idea crisis.




Content Brainstorm- Jot down the ideas from the above content ideas list and brainstorm here for a detailed plan.


Content Planner- Use this planner to pre-plan your blog posts, social media posts or even meetings and appointments.

Cosplay Project Planner- Utilize this planner for all your upcoming cosplay projects. It has a section called shopping list to note down all the supplies you need to shop. There is another To-do list section to jot down all the tasks you need to accomplish for your cosplay along with an adjacent Status section to keep track of the tasks.



Monthly Stats - All in one handy page to record all your readers, followers as well as earnings. Print and record your stats for each month and track your growth overtime.




Giveaway Tracker- A detailed sheet to track all the giveaways, gifts, discounts along with customers/entrants name.


Affiliate Tracker- Track all your affiliate ads and commissions on this sheet.


Patreon Monthly Tracker- Patreon is becoming increasingly popular among artists. It is a cool way to connect with your fans and also monetize your efforts with their support. So, a Monthly Patreon Tracker was something we couldn’t miss to add in.




Collab Wish List- A list to note down all the collaboration you wish to make just in case you don’t miss out any of them. You can also add ideas as to how to approach them.


Doodle-A blank canvas for all your cosplay doodling cravings.


Track-A grid page for a more detailed sketch. Print as you need it…


Do let us know in the comment section what you think about this 2018 cosplay planner as to how it could help you...

Also, if you need a FREE soft-copy of the planner, comment below and we will reach out to you with your copy of the planner.



2 Comment(s)

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Is this planner still available? It sounds amazing!

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