Fans have been speculating death of characters in Avengers Infinity war like crazy over the Internet. After all, it is Avengers Infinity War, and when it’s war everyone’s life is at stake.


Lots of theories are under hot discussion and everyone has their own opinion.


We too rolled our sleeves up to present you with some logic on who might die this April in IW.




Vision has some of the highest odds of surviving this April. We all know that Infinity Avengers War is all about Thanos’ mission of collecting Infinity Stones for which he has returned to earth along with his forces popularly known as the Children of Thanos.


And with Vision having one of the six Infinity Stones, the Mind Stone embedded in his forehead, it is for sure that he is at the mercy of Thanos.


Thanos won’t spare anyone and anything which comes in the way of his quest to seek the Infinity Stones.


And this is pretty much clear from one of the trailer clips released.


vision to die in infinity war


It can be seen that the Mind Stone is being ripped off from his forehead. Vision can be seen in deep pain while the Mind Stone is separated from his body.

However, it’s not clear in the clip that it is Thanos ripping off the Stone.


But the question is will Vision survive after this upheaval…  Seems pretty unlikely…


And with an emotional drama already taking place between him and The Scarlet Witch, Marvel can take his death to another level of story-telling where Scarlet Witch could be seen revenging his death in Avengers 4.




While Hawkeye had been missing from all the trailers and promos for the movie fans started to assume that some mishap is gonna happen with him. Even poor Jeremy Renner’s name wasn’t to be found anywhere. Now, there are quite a few theories going viral about him over the internet. Firstly, and more logically, being a superhero with no special power (except bows and arrows), there is no doubt he won’t be able to survive the crush of Thanos.





However, some even think living quietly on a farm with his farm and children are also an indication that of a death sentence for him.


But very recently, the Russo Brothers have informed that they have a bigger story cooking up for him and that’s the reason for his absenteeism.
So, although the odds of his death are quite high, it’s after the movie release that we get to know about his “bigger story”. So, let’s wait till 27th April to know whether he makes a bigger death or a bigger story being alive.




Loki is another character who is on top of the death speculation list by fans all over the world.  Now, while the infinity war footage, Thor’s neck is shown being grabbed and turned cruelly by Thanos.


Predictions are that it is not Thor who is Thanos’ target. Rather, Thanos in the clip is turning Thor’s head to indeed make him witness his beloved brother’s death.



Loki has already ruined his relationship with Thanos. He failed to accomplish the responsibility given to him by Thanos of keeping the Infinity stone safe with him.


He has lost two Infinity Stones till now and when he comes face to face with Thanos, he can’t escape the punishment.


Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange, one of the most powerful marvel superheroes till date also owns an Infinity Gem. So, no doubt, he would be one of the first targets by Thanos.



Now, it’s not just about getting killed by the mad Titan while trying to protect his Infinity Gem from him.


Doctor Strange is the character who is most likely to unite the Avengers in the movie against Thanos.


If he dies bringing them together, he’ll be the main lead behind the war between the Avengers and Thanos. So, it’ll be heroic death which will make a lot of sense of sense for him. It’ll also give the Avengers, an extra boost of motivation and determination to defeat Thanos.


However, he may return back later as he even has the ability to travel in different dimensions through time. In the comic, he even went to Hell and came back. So, let us see how it works out for him.




Nebula is the adopted daughter of Thanos who was nearly killed by his purple father. Thanos couldn’t digest the fact that she claimed her kinship and took over his while he was dead.  After he resurrected himself, he turned her into a live zombie-like corpse.


So, in IW we may see her on the quest of his purple blood even if she has to do it alone.


But the question is will she survive the hit by her father.  Now, the point here is that MCU might be planning something else with her death.



We all have seen Gamora in a quite pivotal role in the trailer where she is narrating about Thanos’ mission.


But what does Gamora has to do with Nebula’s death?


Well…They both are adopted daughters of Thanos.


They both as sisters had an unusual relationship because Thanos used to make them fight and punish Nebula by turning her into a piece of war machine every time Gamora defeated her.


But they also have an emotional bonding which was very well handled in the Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 2 when Nebula confessed to Gamora that she has always wanted to see her as a sister rather than an opponent combatant.
And since then this emotional bonding has grown…


MCU might use this affection between the sisters against Thanos to spice up things.


So, when Thanos kills Nebula, Gamora goes on a quest for avenging her death.


Maybe that’s why she is helping the avengers against Thanos as seen in the trailer.


Drax the Destroyer


Now, Drax is known as the destroyer.  And he is set to destroy Thanos.
But what does Thanos owe to him…


His wife by the name Hovat and his daughter named Kamaria...


But it was Ronan who killed them so why is Drax after Thanos?


Well, because Ronan was working for Thanos and killed her on the commands of Thanos.


It was a great loss for Drax and it could be keenly felt in the Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 wherein he continually keeps on referring to them at every other point.


It’s clear how much he misses them and how much pain he has.


Ronan got killed by the Guardians in the first movie but Drax’s revenge is still not over.


He wouldn’t have peace until he destroys Thanos and odds are that he may too die in the process.



Now, Dave Batista who plays the character of Drax is a six-time WWE world champion. Batista has stated last year in an interview that he would love to go back to WWE on full-time.


Being on full-time with WWE needs commitment in terms of time. So, if he is to go back to WWE, dying against Thanos in Infinity War is the perfect opportunity to mark his exit from MCU.


The Hulk


It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to see the Hulk dying in the movie.  He has already died almost 15 times...Similarly, this one shouldn’t be much of a surprise.


We all know Hulk is very powerful but we also have Thanos at the other end and if he happens to piece together the Infinity Gauntlet with all the five Infinity stones, then we may have to say goodbye to the Hulk.


Right now, he is exiled to another planet which he did himself to save the world from the havoc when he turns green.


You see he has a pretty big heart… Just like him…



So, he wouldn’t mind sacrificing himself in order to save his friends and the world…


Moreover, if we talk about MCU, there doesn’t seem to be any chances for the Hulk after his 2008 movie, ”The Incredible Hulk” which was rated as one of the worst movies on Rotten Tomato.


So, it’s pretty common sense that MCU won’t be doing any stand-alone movie with Hulk.


And Infinity War could be a nice opportunity to get rid of him for MCU.


The Winter Soldier


Yes, it would be shocking.

And also would be too soon before we have explored this interestingly complex character.


Especially when so many fans are waiting for him to take over the shield of Captain America (if he dies or retires), removing him so soon would be shocking as well as unfair.


 And just recently the Infinity War writer has said that bringing up Bucky as Captain America would be wasting the warrior that Bucky became. He believes that it wouldn’t do justice to his character as Winter Soldier.



Also, don’t forget we also have The Falcon waiting to take over as next Captain America. So, if The Falcon becomes the next Captain America our Bucky has to die.


And maybe his death gives our Steve Rogers a more desperate motivation to fight till the end. After all, Bucky is his most loyal companion and his death would definitely affect Rogers.


The Falcon



Now, for the Falcon to die, the theory for Bucky’s death has to go all contrary.  


Sam Wilson did an awesome job in Winter Soldier and also played his small part well in the Age of Ultron. So, we hope he gets some more time to fly high…


He is another contender for Captain America’s shield apart from Bucky.


He might die in the Infinity war but chances are very less.


If Bucky doesn’t get killed and takes over as the next America then Sam would have to be eliminated.


But again as already mentioned the odds of him getting dead are very less. And we sincerely hope for him to wide open his wings and soar high…


Iron Man


The genius, billionaire and playboy guy named Tony Stark who rose to fame as Iron Man may not return back to the Marvel Universe after Infinity War. The new trailer of the movie literally left his fans in tears as he takes a pretty hard punch on his face by Thanos.


And then Thanos ominously remarks, “I hope they remember you”…



This is a clear signal to break the hearts of fans.


But apart from the trailer, there are more reasons why the crowd over the internet is going crazy speculating the death of Iron Man.


Firstly, Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark or Iron Man has himself given clues of his retirement from Marvel Studios this last summer when he said that:


 “I just never want to blow it for the last six or seven [MCU movies] I have done by dropping the ball because I decided to go do it one more time. I just want to hang up my jersey before it's embarrassing."


So, it’s pretty much clear that he want to get over with it.

Hold on…

There is more to it.


Robert Downey Jr. is a versatile actor outside his Iron Man role. He has aspirations to take his character of Sherlock homes to higher levels and undertake other projects but it is always pushed because of his involvement with MCU for Iron Man.


And being a part of the MCU is a serious restriction on your aspirations and ambitions. And it’s no different with Robert Downey Jr.


Well, let us now see it from the perspective of MCU…


He is the most paid super hero in the entire Marvel Universe. While he started at just $500,000 for his first Iron Man movie back in 2008, he was paid $50 million for Avengers 1 in 2012.


Unofficially, the MCU is pretty sure anticipating that after Avengers 3 and 4, he might put his board of $200 in front of them.


So, they have already started introducing new characters in order to save more and thus retiring him is the only option. They can’t afford to replace him with a new actor because he is the “Iron Man” and no one else would be able to win the hearts of people the way he did.


Captain America


We all know that many characters would die in the upcoming movie. But if someone’s death would be the most tragic and climaxing, it is, of course, the death of the Avenger’s biggest figure. And who else is the biggest figure in Avengers other than the leader himself – The Captain America...


Fans have been speculating his death since the news of the launch of the movie and there is pretty much hype about it among the fans.


But you know what?


Chris Evans has himself given signals of his death in the


After all, he can’t keep on making Captain America movies till 2030.


He has officially confirmed that he has no plans to return to marvel studios after his six-movie contract (extended to cover seven films for Infinity War) ends with Marvel Studio.


This is what he said in an interview with The New York Times (, which makes his plans with Marvel apparent.


“You want to get off the train before they push you off.”


He has even signed on for another movie called Lobby Hero whilst he was still shooting for the Infinity War.


All these are quite strong signals for his death in the upcoming movie.


Moreover, if we talk about the story from the comics, Steve Rogers aka Captain America has died many times but the death was reversed and he returned to the Marvel Universe.


However, that is not something which we want to talk about here.


We want to talk about the story in the Marvel comics where Thanos uses all the Infinity Stones to piece together the Infinity Gauntlet and then goes on a spree of death.


All the Marvel Super Heroes unite together to stop him but he kills all of them. It’s only Captain America who is left as the last man. And he is goes face to face with Thanos.



He has a solid dialogue with him where he preaches him that he can never be triumphant until even one man stands against him. And then Thanos kills him…


A similar scene is shown in the Infinity War Trailer where we see Captain America F-to-F with Thanos trying to stop him.



So, let us wait until a few more days to see how Marvel Studios adapts the story from the comic for the fans of Captain America.


For sure, if Captain America doesn’t survive the blow by Thanos, it’ll hurt the fans a lot.


Final Word


All of the above are theories based on logic, news and past events in the movie/comic. All of the characters from the above list may not taste dust but quite a few would for sure. Let’s see how does Marvel Studios craft it for the viewers.