Ultimate Deadpool Cosplay Guide (More than Costume)




Deadpool is not your favorite superhero…




He is everyone’s favorite anti-hero. Deadpool already had his presence in the Marvel comics and was popularly known as the Merc with a Mouth. But he rose to the extraordinary fame with his first standalone movie Deadpool in 2016.


Well, we’ll not talk about the first movie because if you are his fan, you must have watched it.


Deadpool 2 is out and playing now in theatres and this time our Wade Wilson is more of a superhero than an anti-hero trying to save Russell (a mutant orphan) from Cable who has traveled in time to kill him.


Deadpool has formed X-force with the help of Domino and Negasonic Teenage Warhead to combat Cable’s plan but the sad part is that Vanessa dies in the first part of the movie.


Wade Wilson’s costume as Deadpool has remained unchanged from the first movie and you can get his look by following our guide. It’s not just a costume and accessories guide. We have tried to include a bunch of useful links to DP’s makeup tutorial.



Overview of the Deadpool 2 Costume Breakup



Deadpool 2 Costume Breakup


Deadpool Mask




Deadpool always keeps his face covered with his mask. It not only hides his scarred face but also gives his costume a complete look. There are different types of masks available in the market ranging from $25 to even $250.


You could also make your own DP mask by using some spare items and a face mask.


Deadpool 2 Costume Jacket



                                                                                                       Product Page


This jacket is the perfect fit for your costume as it has the detailing very close to the jacket worn by the favorite anti-hero itself. It’s made of genuine soft leather to give you an extra classy look. If you wish, you could also wear this as a casual jacket with your favorite pair of jeans.


Deadpool 2 Costume Pants



                                                                                                      Product Page

These pants have the perfect patches to give that realistic look. Throw your jeans in the laundry bag and put on these pants with the jackets to get the perfect movie like look.


Utility belt


                                                                     deadpool utility belt with brown pouches


Deadpool wears a utility belt around his waist which has pouches attached to it for keeping assorted weapons like handguns, knives and grenades. The buckle of the belt resembles his logo which earlier had a teleporter incorporated in it in the comic version. However, in the movie, Deadpool doesn’t use the teleporter as it would be overpowering for DP against the enemies and thus turn the fun into boredom.







The gloves worn by Wade are in combination of red and black. These gloves are a must while handling weapons against the enemies.  Although Deadpool is immune to wounds, he dons it for a better grip and a complete look that goes with his costumes. Next time you are up for a convention, these gloves will not only help you to have a better grip and a complete look but will also keep your hands warm.






No costume is complete without footwear. If you are a real fan looking for a real look, ditch your black boots and pair your costume with the Deadpool boots.


Ninja Swords with harness





You are all dressed up as the anti-hero. Now it’s time to be the real anti-hero. Deadpool carries two Katanas or samurai swords with him and keeps it one crossed over the other inside a harness. Go grab some Katanas but you might need to check your local laws before you carry those sharp Katanas in public.


It’s always better to cosplay safe. You can either buy the foam swords or if you don’t mind trying things yourself, you could also make your own sword with the harness by just using some foam boards. We have added a link to the video tutorial for your ease here and the credit for this video goes to Storm the Castle.





You can easily get the templates for the sword on their Storm the Castle's site. Visit their tutorial page for the free templates.





Airsoft pistols




The leg holsters would be empty without those pistols. Fill them with a pair of airsoft pistols on both your legs.


Tactical Leg holsters





Katanas are not the only weapon used by Wade. He uses other weapons too and his leg holsters make the grab easier. A must-have for that complete Deadpool look. 


The leg holsters would be empty without those pistols. Fill them with a pair of airsoft pistols on both your legs.


Knife Wrap for leg





The knife wrap on DP’s legs doesn’t go unnoticed. He uses it to keep his knife secured to his legs so that he can pull it out whenever he needs it. 


Rubber Knife




Of course, Deadpool’s knife wrap would be useless without a knife in it. Again for safety purposes, it’s always wise to carry a knife made of rubber for your cosplaying event.


Makeup tutorial


That was all about costume and accessories worn by DP. But many cosplayers tend to ignore the scared looks of Wade Wilson. And seldom do we find cosplayers without a mask at conventions.

Go to an extra edge with this Deadpool makeup tutorial from Wholesale Halloween Costumes and don’t let your Deadpool cosplay be incomplete by forgetting his burnt face.


Some important points about this makeup tutorial:


  •  They have used special effect gelatin to build up layers of burns like a look.
  • Then spread some red makeup all over the face followed by a foundation or skin-toned makeup.
  • Now dab some translucent powder to set.
  • Next, sponge a thin layer of clear liquid latex over the entire face.
  • Some more red makeup can be applied to highlight the burn crevices.
  • At last, finish with some more translucent powder…

Visit their blog for complete details on the makeup tutorial…


You can also check out this video from Wholesale Halloween Costumes